Empty Bowl Dinner at the Open Door

On Saturday, May 1st, from 3 to 7 PM, the “Empty Bowl Dinner”, call to action, raises critical funds and awareness for the Open Door, a community table in Waynesville that feeds the hungry and the homeless. Handmade pottery bowls from local potters are donated and for fifteen dollars you get the bowl full of yummy soup and a side of cornbread and you get to keep the bowl!  Contact the Open Door at 452-3846 to pledge support!

I am so happy to see this kind of community effort. Truly, I am continually touched to see that humanity is coming together in ways like this. When love, compassion and kindness are generously acted upon, fear and doubt , suffering and abandonment can dissipate. There is enough in the world for everyone – no one needs to suffer with hunger, thirst, or homelessness or abandonment.

And how about this milestone for Mark Horvath for his success in securing enough votes from all who voted in March for SXSW. Mark is a tireless advocate for the cause of homelessness. He is a hero in the social change landscape. Mark is doing an amazing job with Invisible People TV where he portraits homeless people. Kudos Mark! I got this news from Osocio.org. – what a great website for campaigns like this.

Stay tuned, as Studio Thirty Three’s candidacy for a Pepsi Refresh grant appears in May. Register to vote for your favorite community enriching projects!

Have a blessed day, I’m going to be a jeweler today, Yeah!

Sincerely and in service I remain.


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