Voting Has Begun

It’s Official!

Vote today and every day for May Pepsi Refresh Projects

Here is where and how:

On May the 1st, Pepsi informed us that we are in the running for the Pepsi Refresh Grant of $50,000! Nothing has ever been more exciting, but the fate of the Studio Earth Initiative is in your hands. Yes, you my friends and patrons – it is up to all of you and your friends – and their friends, to create a network of voting so that we can rally to position as a leader early on.
I’ll post to the blog daily to keep you informed about the progress. You can also register here to receive alerts about recent posts.

I really believe that when community comes together – so many great things can happen. The Studio Earth Initiative to support many local non-profit organizations is a great plan and something we can all believe in and all be a part of. Watch my video if you haven’t yet. I know that you can change the world with art – and you are all going to help do that. So join me in this campaign! I’m counting on you for votes that count!

Thank you for your support!

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