Calling on Community

Dear friends of Haywood County and Western North Carolina,

I am using the post for this day to rally the forces amongst all of you, to understand the critical need for votes in the Pepsi Refresh Grant of $50,000. Studio Thirty Three needs your support in its role as a social enterprise with the Studio earth Signature Series. This project is all about you and your community!

You all know how Studio Thirty Three has been supporting community, and now it’s time to act on this community enriching plan to fund many non-profits. It will only be realized if you support it and get everyone you know to support it. So this is my call to action. I believe that if we work together it can happen! So let’s just do it. Now, today, and every day!

Please, connect with all of the people who support your organizations and get them to vote. DO IT NOW, take 30 minutes and let everyone in the community know how important  it is to vote for Studio Thirty Three in this worthwhile charitable initiative that supports ALL of you.

Here’s a link to make it really easy. Pepsi is doing a great thing by funding all of these ideas Across america and are letting the communities vote for their favorites. You can vote for as many as ten different community enriching projects, and you can vote daily. In fact, it is critical that you do this, VOTE DAILY!

Studio Earth

Vote for Studio Thirty Three

I hope that you will follow my daily posts for updates and look at the new pages weekly, as it is the only way I have with my limited help to stay in touch and keep you informed collectively. Please feel free to contact me or comment here as we all work together to make this happen. Western North Carolina, Haywood County, the place I love and have called home for more than 27 years, I am counting on you!

Thank you!

Diannah Beauregard  |  Studio Thirty Three | Waynesville, NC

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