Make Every Day Count

We are now 7 days into May, Pespsi Refresh Everything campaign for voting on your favorite community enriching ideas. For me this journey is exciting, and very interesting as we all work diligently to spread the word and galvanize the community. Studio 33 needs all of your votes daily to succeed the ranks.

With 25 days left for voting, my thoughts about daily campaigning are this: We should not count the days, yet we would be much better served if we simply make every day count. Do something good, smile at a stranger, help a friend in need, do one good deed – but most importantly – think good thoughts. Oh yes, and VOTE! Today!!!

We are not who we think we are, but what we think, we are!

I am an optimist and I move forward in my life as if everyday was an extension of the day before. My life and work are not separate as my spiritual journey and my every day goings on are congruent as well.  So the path that I am on is one we are on together in the Studio Earth Initiative, it is very much a spiritual journey as we all work together to serve our community and enrich it with a collective caring. I love the notion that we can change the world with art. I know I did, and I’m counting on all of you in my community to help do this. It’s great fun and quite rewarding.

Please vote today and every day and share this project with all of your friends. It is sure to succeed the ranks of many rewards.

Have a blessed day my friends and remember, to make every day count.

In service and in gratitude, I remain.

Diannah Beauregard

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