To All Mothers

Happy Mothers Day!

Pink Lotus

Happy Mothers Day

How do I say that loud enough, or bright enough, so that every mom can hear me, even those not reading my blogs? Felt and spoken from the heart. There are so many moms who live selflessly and sacrifice much of their own lives by the very nature of motherhood. The path of my life did not give me the gift of children, but I am in awe over those that have given birth to new life and raised or are raising children. I know so many of you. I hope this day offers many blessed moments and that there’s something special in it just for you. You deserve it, ~ that and so much more.

Although I am not a mother in the sense of the word, I am however, a grandmother. Studio Thirty Three, first born in 2006 – nurtured and supported with many awards and successes over the years, has given birth to the next generation of what my business is about. Studio Earth. The underlying theme of this creative social enterprise is to nurture and support. The Studio Earth Signature Series line of jewelry is really just one phase of what the enterprise is about. But to keep on track, I won’t write about all that is intended – at least not now. There is too much to do to manifest what the present waking dream is. I am a person of action. Don’t tell what you are going to do, just show me what you’ve done. The next step may be obvious.

So as the mother of Studio Thirty Three – a model business for creative social enterprise – I am nurturing the birth of Studio Earth as it is being revealed to the world on this platform – the world wide web. It is my hope that it will be nurtured and supported by all of you who believe that our purpose in life is not self serving, but on this day of supporting the roles of mothers, lets all realize that it is our divine role as humans to nurture and support each other. I have always maintained that there is plenty in this world to go around for everyone and no one should have to suffer. I am also encouraged at the spirit of humanity waking up to realize that our world is growing smaller and we need to galvanize love and honor and practice our highest potentials. Greed must fall away and we need to all be caring for each other. Just like mothers do for their children. Let’s use the great mothers of the world as our teachers and our role models. Happy Mothers Day!

* Please note: I will post the updates from yesterdays busy busy day a bit later today. It was a great day – full of contacts and support for Studio Thirty Three’s campaign for the Pepsi Refresh Grant. Thank you for supporting this. Please keep voting daily!

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2 Comments on “To All Mothers”

  1. Char Avrunin Says:

    Thanks, Diannah, and good luck with the grant!

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