Galvanize: the definition


jolt, shock, startle, impel, stir, prod, urge, motivate, stimulate, electrify, excite, rouse, arouse, awaken; invigorate, fire, animate, vitalize, energize, exhilarate, thrill, catalyze, inspire, light a fire under; informal give  a shot in the arm.

That’s a lot of words to describe one action. But what a great word. Thanks to Emma, that’s exactly what we are doing. I see it beginning to happen, in the email responses, in the face to face contact, the direct phone calls, the calls received, the calls from friends with “what can we do to help?”  – Now that’s the spirit I’ve been hoping for. And that is exactly the spirit needed to see this project through to fruition. The first fruit to be harvested will be the completion of phase one – 11 pieces, for 11 charities; all in production mode and creating a revenue stream for the chosen nonprofits. I’m optimistic that this will be complete and underway before the year is through, in spite of how fast time decides to travel. Of course, this all hinges on The Pepsi Grant! Or some form of resourceful funding. Hence the word: Galvanize.

So to recap our present situation and voting status, this is what I have learned about encouraging voter registration;

It’s best to get in a group of people where you can be effective in registering people on the spot  – like with a laptop if possible or an old fashioned clip board. I did this Friday night, at the Arts Council reception for Quickdraw patrons. The next morning at “The Whole Bloomin’ Thing” and later that afternoon at the Folk Art Center for HCC Graduate students. By the end of this very long day, I had several sheets full and it made a big difference in our ranking. Now this trend needs to continue, until we reach our goal of positioning in the top ten. This will  happen because you have voted for Studio 33. Remember a vote for this project is a vote for all of the charities it supports.

Voting daily is so very important.. I hope everyone is voting daily. If it’s a problem of remembering, I have a nice friendly gentle email reminder and can keep you on a daily routine. Just send me an email with “yes, remind me” in the subject line. Simple. I’ll even include a “quote or thought for the day”, if you think it will help!

Partner and share with people who have an interest in philanthropy – doesn’t matter what particular cause, because Studio Earth when fully mature (sometime  in the future after 2012…) will cover every possible scenario of need, until need disappears. Until suffering has softened to a manageable state ~ when the day comes that harmony and balance is experienced fully. That’s my dream. A dream in such a fragile world.  Hmmm. Here’s a thought:

“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look at what they can do when they stick together!” that quote comes from Victoria Young from

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update and a new page to be added this week to the blog, that is, after I’ve spent a little time at the bench. After all – I am a jeweler and need to work,  so any help with this campaign is greatly greatly appreciated.

Yours in service,


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