10 Really Great Ideas

Make 10 really great ideas happen with a click.

This is probably the easiest no-cost way to make some great ideas happen.

We want to share with you the great ideas that We’ve been supporting in the Pepsi Refresh Grant Project. Pepsi is giving away $1,300,000.00 each month to fund some really great ideas that impact communities in positive ways. They are  asking us to vote for the projects we think are the most innovative and worthwhile to become funded.  The grassroots approach to impacting the world creatively is more powerful now with the tenacity of the internet and we’ve made it easy by listing some that we like here. You can also find some of your favorites and share them in the Studio Earth Initiative group, after all, we get ten votes each day, so lets use them wisely.

Please vote everyday for your favorite ideas (We hope Studio33 is one!), so they will win the Pepsi grants. If you can, leave a comment each day for each idea, letting them know that you voted for them and to please vote for Studio33.

So here they are, complete with the tiny urls, in case you want to put them on your facebook or twitter feeds.

  1. http://pep.si/aWF4dY Our favorite of course, is Studio33 who is funding many nonprofits with a great line of jewelry that is unique and affordable.
  2. http://pep.si/bzIFQ8 What I do Makes A difference (early education impacting the lives of low income children)
  3. http://pep.si/bNOxmE empowering children with special needs and their communities
  4. http://pep.si/dlmGal Support Organic family Farms
  5. http://pep.si/cSxn9P restore a schools greenhouse and grow food to provide lunches; Garrett High School Environmental Club
  6. http://pep.si/d3Qjan Construct a Handicap Playground at Lake Reba, Richmond, Kentucky
  7. http://pep.si/9zshbA RE:action strategy group (an interesting concept for tracking your charitiable contributions).
  8. http://pep.si/crIVEL Help  abused and special needs children heal and dream again.
  9. http://pep.si/cRGqNR Reduce teen violence by teaching anger and stress management techniques.
  10. http://pep.si/cjzhX5 establish a whale research center along the west coast of the USA to track killer whale and marine mammal sightings
  11. http://pep.si/c6tuFn Empower Alzheimer’s patients to access use and enjoy technology.
  12. http://pep.si/9IJNIs Operate the 1st Natural Gas powered RECYCLING truck in Charlotte, NC! Junk Rescue Company

Thank you all for being a part of this event and voting with us and for us! Doing this while drinking your morning coffee is easy and fun! Let us know if you have some other favorites you would like to share.


Diannah Beauregard

and partner / supporter

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Recording – Editing – Disc & Internet Media Authoring – Duplication & Packaging
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