NC Projects for Pepsi Grants – VOTE Local

I write this post with half of June gone now, but still alive is my desire to create a North Carolina coalition of projects all involved in the Pepsi Refresh Campaign to change America. The corporate giant, Pepsi, is giving away 20 million dollars this year to fund projects all across America, and 32 monthly awards (1.3 million dollars) will be given based on public on line votes.

In this post we are suggesting  a coalition that supports a  campaign of Voting Early, Voting Daily and Voting Local, for North Carolina projects that will serve to impact many different things in our state. This list includes:

Wouldn’t it be nice to get all of these projects funded, enriching our state of North Carolina with such a broad scope of great ideas?

Studio Thirty Three (Studio33) has been on board with Pepsi Refresh since May. Chosen out of thousands of applicants in April submissions, the Studio Earth initiative is designed to assist many charities with a sustainable form of revenue annually. This unique and creative social enterprise has come at a time when many nonprofits are cutting back on staffed positions because of budget cuts, so much so that a plan such as this is critically useful. Additionally it has a potential for expansion to include a global picture. This is a true social enterprise, developed creatively with a unique triple bottom line.

Thirty percent of retail profits will go directly to fund many organizations. This is a substantial contribution to community. What this means as sustainable income for the organizations on board to receive is significant. This is why the organizations  are all behind this and supporting it and why all of the people in the community need to be supporting this grant program. Daily votes are needed until the goal is realized. We are so close at 27! So if you haven’t started voting yet, do it now.  The links to the projects listed are active and will take you directly to the Pepsi site to vote.

Some of the organizations that we are currently supporting or planning to support this year with each new piece include:

  • Haywood Animal Welfare Association (HAWA)
  • Haywood Community College Foundation:  The Bridge Scholarship Program
  • Haywood County Arts Council
  • Haywood Habitat for Humanity
  • Friends of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park
  • Manna Food Bank  (serving Haywood County and the Open Door Community Kitchen)
  • National Association on Mental Illness  (NAMI)
  • Neighbor to Family
  • North Carolina Creative AutisticLIving and Learning, Inc. (NCCALL)
  • REACH of Haywood County

There are more to be announced that will include Aid to Veterans and Military Families, critical prenatal and neonatal care, early childhood education and many more as the project develops. Your vote for Studio 33 to receive this award from Pepsi is a vote for every organization we have named including those yet to come aboard.

Thank you for your interest and continued support. We welcome any questions and are open to having dialogue with anyone wanting to learn more – and better yet, anyone who wants to volunteer some time to help in our endeavors!

You can also find Studio 33 on Facebook. as well as a complete list of the many projects that we have teamed with and have shared support with. Please choose to use your votes on any of your favorites. After all, Pepsi is giving you ten votes!

Sincerely and in Service,

Diannah Beauregard, founder / designer ~ jeweler

Studio Thirty Three and the Studio Earth Initiative

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