The Last Three

Three Days Left and So Much Can Happen!

If all of Haywood County reading the news gets online and votes every day  the community would take Studio 33’s project to the lead, where it needs to be to receive funding. That is our hope. There are only three days left, or otherwise, you will be voting daily again in July for us to win. If you want to see change happen, then you have to be a part of the change. You have to vote, and you can do that with the click of a mouse.

For Studio Thirty Three (and most everyone in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Program), applying for a grant to do good work in support of community has been challenging and time consuming. It has been more than a full time job. It has however been rewarded in the form of connections. Inside the cyber walls of Pepsi Refresh, we have formed some strategic alliances, and through it all we have become a group of dedicated partners, committed to helping each other rise to the top. This has also allowed Studio 33 to make it even easier for all of you, to select from our list of favorites on how you would like to use your remaining votes.

If you are reading this post it is perhaps because you are following the progress of Studio 33. You are musing as you drink your morning coffee about how and where and for what to vote for. You are aware that there are ten votes to cast and you want to make sure that you voice your opinion each day. There are some great projects out there. So many more than ten and we at Studio 33 have been trying to figure out how to support them all. Well, you decide. You have ten votes each day and we urge you to use them.

Below is our list, however long, of projects that we have supported. Some have been with us since the beginning and have become not just our allies, but our friends. These  solid partnerships are making our journey possible and we are grateful. So while you are voting for Studio Thirty Three, muse over some of the other great ways in which we can change America with these generous Pepsi grants. But you have to vote!

Here’s our  list:

Studio 33

Skip Program


Harrison Skate Park

Project Paul


Whitmans Middle School

PTK Food Pantry

Ashlea’s No Kill Shelter

Mule Muscle

Rough River Youth Development

Rise Up Healing

Quality Assist

Center for Hearing Speech and Language

Tacoma Swim Team

Healthy Habits

Tonawanda Skate Park

The Idaho School of Crafts

San Anto Cultural Arts

Creekside Cares

Tunes for Troops

The Peace Exhibit

Mule Muscle

Janae Designs

Tilden Playground

Random Acts of Theater

Larry’s Cycle Recycle

Dogs Deserve Better

Big Love Cancer Care

And if you prefer to “Vote Local NC” or for important medical research, there are projects listed that would like your votes of support as well. You can scroll down to recent posts to see these other projects we support and the groups that we have formed; Vote Local NC (keeping Pepsi $ in NC) and the latest Medical Research Triangle. We believe that we have covered all of the bases in how we can all help to change the face of America. Now, Please cast your votes!

Studio Thirty Three (Studio 33 in Pepsi land) has been honored to take part in these alliances as we look forward to keeping in touch with many we’ve met, even after we receive our grants and the Pepsi is gone.

Thank you,

Diannah Beauregard

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