Creatively Funding Community Needs

Day Two of the First Three in This Last Month

July will be the last month that Studio Thirty Three participates in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project for a $50K. We have started the month of really strong, and are in the top ten to receive this grant, which is very exciting! However, in order to stay there everyone in the community that this grant will support needs to do their  part of getting on line and voting every day.

Studio Thirty Three really needs community involvement. We have worked hard at achieving this goal. The design of the Studio Earth Initiative alone has incredible potential for the community and will be more quickly realized if this grant were behind it with additional resources. To recap how it works:

There will be 33 unique pieces of jewelry that pair with nonprofits, 33 different charities that serve different purposes from feeding hungry people to sheltering the homeless and helping stray animals. We’ve covered almost every level of need you can imagine. The project is divided into three phases, supporting local in phase one, regional and national in phase two, and international organizations in phase three, all of which are doing important work on our planet. The first phase is what this grant is about, and it supports 11 charities in western NC, the local piece. You can scroll and read older blogs to get a clear picture and a list of these charities. Or watch this short 4 minute slide show video.

Studio Thirty Three has been slowly developing this plan for several years. Thirty percent of retail profits is a generous contribution to the nonprofits it supports. The  ultimate goal of a production center  in Haywood County embraces all of the craft mediums at the point of phase three where the plan becomes global. That projection is marked for 2012. In the natural order of things, phase one has to happen first. Phase one alone potentially raises a great deal of money, tens of thousands of dollars annually to be divided by the charities that Studio Thirty Three has partnered with in the Studio Earth Initiative. Additionally, it brings a substantial revenue stream into Haywood County. Everyone has a vested interest in this. It is a very doable WIN-WIN-WIN scenario!

If you are a nonprofit that is on board to receive funds sourced from the hard work of Studio 33’s  initiative “Studio Earth”, than I hope and trust you are participating in this grant  by really getting on board to promote the need for the on line votes that are necessary to secure our position to receive this grant. Studio Thirty Three has made it to the leader board by aligning with other great projects within the cyber walls of Pepsi, projects, that we hope you too are supporting. Voting only takes a few minutes once you are registered. It is not difficult. I personally have spent many countless hours on this project to get it this far, I am passionate about it still, and I am counting now on the votes we need from everyone in the community that has said “what a great idea”! Everyone who is in support of the nonprofits and this social enterprise business model that can offer great assistance in a challenging world, needs to be voting. That is what will secure our leader position and get this project funded.

Please vote now. Please vote every day. Your votes are how this will happen.

Studio 33 started July with position #2. We are currently position #8. We have to stay in the top ten! Studio 33 can easily be position #1 if everyone just did that one simple thing. VOTE.

How to vote:

  • Go to this link and login by clicking on the “vote for this idea” tab.
  • Enter your login or first register your profile with simple info like name and DOB so Pepsi knows you are 13 years or more.
  • Once logged in, click on the “vote for this idea” tab again.
  • Follow the  links listed below. These  projects have helped us get into the lead. Please use one of your remaining votes to vote for them also.
  • Skip Program
  • Research to Reality

Please follow our recommendations of using all ten votes and vote for the NC groups as well. Voting for these others is like voting again for Studio 33 because they are supporting us too! You can find those listed on our post of  “North Carolina vote local”.

Thank you all for listening to this very important, Last Call.

Diannah Beauregard

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