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The last post made regarding Studio 33’s  position for the $50K Pepsi grant was published on July 2nd, just before the holiday weekend. We do hope that everyone had an enjoyable and safe Fourth of July. This is an urgent update.

Studio 33 has remained diligent and focused for this final month in what appears to be a very competitive and challenging contest for a grant to do good in the community. Each month, the competition grows more fierce than before. This blog tells what we’ve learned, what everyone in Haywood County needs to know and what Studio 33 is hoping for.

Studio 33 has been able to get close and even into a leading position with the help of those of you who are voting, but also largely because of the internal support we have acquired from our grassroots coalitions of other projects seeking grants to do great things in their own communities. That is how and why we have developed lists of multi-projects and encouraged you to vote for our partners. Up until now, this was a challenge to many of you for a number of reasons, time being the biggest factor. Bogged down with pages taking forever to load, it is no surprise that many voters turned  away.

We have solved that problem! In this blog are multi-project links that take you quickly and directly to one single page that allows you to vote for ten pre-selected projects, including Studio 33. In less than 1 minute you will be able to vote  for all the projects we are asking you to support. These projects are all noble causes that are helping us all by voting, so your vote in return is a gesture of gratitude. After all, they are voting for You! Of course, you may have other projects that you want to seek out and support, or maybe you want to help support some local NC projects, which to that end, I have already organized for you in our multi-string link! Studio 33 has basically made it very easy for all of you now to do your part. It’s time for Studio 33 to take the back seat and give you – the community of Haywood County, the helm.

The back seat for Studio 33 means being a jeweler. I have much work to catch up on as a result of the time I have personally spent designing this spectacular Studio Earth piece for you. Everyone likes our idea of helping many nonprofits and now  it is up to all of you to implement your own promotional plans to get people voting. That is the job that you are required to do as participants in this social enterprise.

You all have bases. You have a board, you have members and you have supporters. Some have more than others. Some of you have websites. You can put links on your website. Some of you have paid staff. They should all be voting too! Most all of you have some way in which you can promote this idea NOW, to motivate people to vote. Because of the stiff competition, Studio 33 is going to need thousands of collective votes from this community to get back into the lead, and this is what we are counting on and, hoping for. If you want us to help you raise money annually with a significant and sustainable source of revenue, than we need you to get everyone who supports you voting.

Here is How to Vote:

For First Time Participants:

Access the multi-project page using the hyperlink:

  1. Across the bottom of the webpage, bottom left, below Welcome, Click Join Refresh Everything (instead of sign in)
  2. Type in your name, email address and birth date
  3. Make up a password that you will remember and type in the security words displayed in the pictures (this proves you are not a robot)
  4. Skip boxes. Click “done”
  5. Continue to “Vote for this idea” Creatively Fund Community Needs Through The Arts
  6. Use your other 9 votes for the projects we’ve partnered with to strengthen our voting base.
  7. Or find some of your own if you are interested in searching through 1100 + to choose from.
  8. Blue Bar across the bottom of web page, bottom left, click Sign Out.
  9. Have someone else Sign Up.

If you are already Registered:

Access the multi-project page using the hyperlink:

  1. Across bottom of webpage, bottom left, below welcome, Click Sign In
  2. Type email address,  password and security words.
  3. Click on Sign In
  4. Continue to “Vote for this idea” Creatively Fund Community Needs Through The Arts
  5. Vote for our partners or your own favorites.
  6. Bottom left, click on Sign Out.
  7. Have someone else Sign In and vote again.

Thank you all so very much for your support.

If you want more information about our project, please browse through the pages of this blog as I am  sure you will glean a lot from what has already been written. Below is the long string link to the multi-project page in the event that the short link fails for whatever reason.

I am going to work now, it is the last minute, but I have promised a special piece for Sarge’s Animal Rescue Fundraiser on Thursday. Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation – whose mission is to save healthy, adoptable animals in the Haywood County North Carolina Animal Control facility.

Yours in service, I remain,

Diannah Beauregard

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