August Updates for Studio 33

We are in the heat of the summer and there is much going on for Studio 33. Many of you reading this post are supporting our efforts to secure the Pepsi Refresh grant of $50K to help many non-profits in our community. This has been a roller coaster ride, (a very long one) and we are still in the coaster car. On a personal note, I am in the throws of relocating the studio to help facilitate this project so therefore have very limited time this month for networking. This is where Studio 33 depends on the strength and support of the community and the nonprofits to engage and support this collective effort to enrich our community.

For those unaware of the glitches in Pepsi’s website, be aware now. The first few days of every month are unusual and the rankings are never stable until the 4th or 5th day. However, it is important for people to keep voting regardless. Studio 33 needs  the community to continue to vote daily if you are in support of our project to assist non-profits with creative funding. We cannot do this without your help. It appears that we are currently #21. We need to get into the top ten position over the coarse of the next week which means we need everyone voting daily and helping to spread the word.

After 3 plus months of rallying local support and forming strategic Pepsi project partnerships, we have learned much. The important piece of information is how many votes are needed and where are they coming from. Our project partners, referred to as our “Alliance” generate the majority of the votes that we need to get close to our goal. If we could increase the number of votes generated in our community by two or three thousand, I think we could surely win this. Each month that number increases, so we should work on making a win happen this month.

Regarding the  move to a new location – this week. The new location was chosen to allow us to carry out our plan to produce the product line of the Studio Earth Signature Series. It has been the plan all along, one that has been delayed because of the time and energy spent on Pepsi Refresh. We never thought that it would take three months, now four months, or perhaps longer. Being so close and at one point in the lead for this money keeps us in the race. This is a grant that will benefit many.

Studio Thirty Three is extremely grateful for the unwavering support that many of you have given to this cause. We have seen many of you vote and promote and dedicate time and energy to increase our local support. We have gotten great coverage from our local newspaper, The Mountaineer, who has been instrumental in telling the story of our social enterprise and how it supports our local community. To sum this up:

  • Studio 33 is moving to a new location that will allow us to work more effectively on this and other projects.
  • We need everyone to keep voting daily to help secure this grant that will provide funding for Studio Earth and many local non-profits. See earlier posts about this.
  • There are 3 ways you can vote and all votes will count, updated on our earlier “How to Vote” Post.
  • Scroll just below to see Text Message Voting, Facebook profile and multi-project links.
  • Studio 33 needs a total increase of votes from the community in amounts of two to three thousand daily.
  • All non-profits that benefit from the shared proceeds can adopt similar promotional strategies and campaigns as Studio 33 did to acquire a dedicated pool of voters to help win this grant.
  • Win-win-win strategies succeed when everyone does a share of what needs to be done to achieve the goal.

Thank you all for your continued support. Please feel free to contact Studio 33 if you have any concerns or questions, but please also understand our limitation right now because of our move this month.

Diannah Beauregard

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