Studio 33 is voting from a new location!

For those of you wondering where Studio 33 has gone:

The move to a location that will facilitate the production center for the Studio Earth Signature Series is now complete. After unpacking more than a hundred boxes, the studio is functioning and I am ready to get back to work. Meanwhile, since we coasted the month of August in Pepsi Refresh, we are gearing up and calling out a voting alert to everyone.

With only 2 days left for August, we need to increase support for our partners and help them get their grants this month. I am calling on everyone in the community to help us prepare for our position in Pepsi Refresh for September, by voting on line for  Studio33&Friends and text message from your cell phones if you have that function. These last few days and the first few days of each month are so critical. Each month is a little tougher, and we want to win this. Your votes – your dedicated votes to all of our partners as well, will make this happen. Please start voting these text votes now, and all through September. We will provide a new list on Sept. 1. We will keep you updated as often as possible.

Text message to 73774, using just the following #’s. You don’t have to type in the project name.

  • Studio 33  100505
  • Foundation of Fitness   101377
  • Multi-Arts School 102340
  • Paws of Michigan 100506
  • Redlands E. Valley High  102048
  • Redlands Bowl 102320
  • Paws of Michigan  100506
  • Pop! 100843
  • Skip Program 100847

Thank you all for your continued support. It is all so greatly appreciated and because of you, we will get this grant and move forward quickly with our plan to assist many nonprofit organizations in the community.

Please read the latest blog page for more detailed information about Studio 33 and the Studio Earth Initiative, our recent move and plans for the community.

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