Voting Strong From our New Location

And for those of you wondering where Studio 33 is going…..

It is now September 2. We have entered the Pepsi Arena for the fifth month running. It’s hard to believe, but sometimes it takes a lot of effort and time to produce a desired result. I have always said that nothing really good every happens in a hurry. Sometimes it takes being in the right place, as in Feng Shui, the correct placement of things.

I’ve talked about about the significance of the recent move in my last page posted. Being an artist, it is important to feel comfortable and safe in your surroundings, and it is equally important to be in an environment that supports an inspired and creative approach to your craft. Well that is where I now am. Not that the retail – downtown location and darling little stone house wasn’t good. It was great. My business really blossomed there in spite of a crippled economy. I just outgrew the little space and needed to get on with the reason I went to town in the first place. To realize the Studio Earth Initiative .

So here we are headed for the winning of a $50k grant from Pepsi, a grant that will help fund the vision that will eventually develop into a production arts center. This is a win win win plan that fuels our economy, supports nonprofits, employs graduating students from our nationally acclaimed Professional Crafts Curriculums at Haywood Community College, (HCC) all while beautifying the world at large. People  come from all over to buy fine art and craft in western NC.  It’s a 206.5 million dollar industry here. Studio 33 has developed a creative social enterprise that is cutting edge.

That’s the vision in a nutshell. It has been a vision for many years, and the potential for it to unfold is so real to me now. Phase one is a little behind schedule, but we never anticipated five months in Pepsi. And while HCC will build a new Fine Art Center (I am so trusting), I can look into the future of that to clearly see the artists coming out of the programs wanting to stay here because of how important fine art and craft is in our community. With a Studio Earth Production Center, there will be paid internships to produce quality art, not just made in America, but made in Haywood County, North Carolina, USA.

So back to the reason for this post…..

Your votes, your daily, dedicated votes are the ingredient we need this month to sustain our position in the lead. We are excited and honored to be partnered with a group of carefully chosen projects to support a winning team. In Pepsi, you can’t win a grant without a team and Studio 33 is very honored to be part of the best team there is.

So here is your task my friends. You need to vote. We’ve done the hard part. You have ten votes per day, and you need to cast all ten. Here’s how:

  • Vote daily using the multi-project link for our group Sept 10.
  • Vote daily in Facebook, with your profile, go to my page – send a friend request. Find me here in FB.
  • Vote daily text messaging if you have an unlimited text message plan on your cell phone. Here are the numbers you need
  1. Studio 33 – 100505
  2. Skip Program – 100847
  3. Paws of Michigan – 100506
  4. Foundation of Fitness – 101377
  5. POP Arts – 100843
  6. Multi-Arts School – 102340
  7. Got Bragging Rights – 100511
  8. Redlands Bowl – 102320
  9. Redlands E. Valley High – 102048
  10. Kids Co-op – 100216

Thank you all again, from the depths of our hearts, for sharing in our visions by supporting us with your votes. Your votes can help to change the world we live in.

Sincerely and in Service,

Diannah Beauregard, founder

Studio 33 and the Studio Earth Initiative

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