The Big September 10 and the Last 10 Days

If there was ever a time in Pepsi Refresh to be proactive, it is now. Studio 33 and all partners in the Big September 10 Alliance are counting on everyone to step up to the plate and participate in the winning process. We cannot do this without you. This creative social enterprise, Studio Earth, is all about community as we proceed to bridge the worlds of art and social needs.

I am speaking to my community, to all of the friends and supporters of Studio 33 and the Studio Earth Initiative. I am speaking especially to all of the nonprofit organizations that Studio 33 has partnered with in this plan to raise tens of thousands of dollars annually for our community. We will all win by receiving this grant. Each of the organizations that are a part of phase one of this journey will benefit – not just this once, but continually. And it doesn’t stop there.

Everyone is being asked to make a contribution of time to support this project. The request is simply a few moments out of your day, every day, to vote. Now while that seems like a lot to ask in a very busy world, consider for a moment the widespread impact this will have on a community. We will make a $50K grant replenish itself, year after year. But we need your unwavering support to make it happen. Our team, the  Big September 10 needs your unwavering support.

The Studio Earth Initiative began with a plan to assist local and regional non-profits in fund-raising, while supporting the vital arts community right here in Haywood County. Partnerships have formed out of the efforts of art related fund-raising events. This avenue opened into yet another community with bigger opportunities.

Along the way our project became part of a group of people making a difference for thousands all across the country.

So far this group of dedicated people has helped to raise Pepsi monies for 14 worthy causes, with more to come every month for at least the next year. And one of those causes must be our own which gives everyone an opportunity to participate creatively in widespread social change. It’s time for everyone to vote vote vote. It is time to enlist your networks full force to support our efforts.

Become part of the most influential organization in this new cybergrant industry by taking a few minutes a day to vote and tell your friends to do the same. This is now and this is very important. You are making a difference. Every day  just by voting.

There are 3 ways to VOTE and all votes count!

  1. Pepsi Refresh for Studio33 & The BIG-S10
  2. Facebook
  3. Txt message your votes:

Send text messages to Pepsi @ 737-74

  • 100505 for Studio 33
  • 100847 for Skip Program
  • 100843 for POP! Arts
  • 100511 for Got Bragging Rights
  • 101377 for Foundation of Fitness
  • 102340 for Lynn Munter for Avalon
  • 100216 for Kids’ Co-Op
  • 102048 for REVHS
  • 102320 for Redlands Bowl
  • 100506 for P.A.W.S. of Michigan

For complete list of projects mission statements please see blog

For a list of nonprofit organizations aligned with the Studio Earth Initiative, visit the website:

To vote using the Facebook app: Once you’re logged in and at the Facebook app, copy and paste the entire search string (in green) into the FB appsearch window to find and vote for all our partners.

coppola munter Diannah got.brag karrie skip.program Redlands.bowl paws.michigan massimiano

Thank you everyone for believing in our efforts to impact our communities in positive ways, by supporting us with your daily votes!

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