About Studio Earth

In October 
of 2006 I opened Studio Thirty Three as a jewelry studio and gallery with the intention of also creating a social enterprise that supports local charities.  My passion for altruism and philanthropy has led to the development of the Studio Earth Signature Series line of handmade jewelry. The ultimate vision for this suggests that anyone can creatively impact the world with a positive outcome and support community with win-win situations.

Gu-nhage (pronounced Gut-ni-gay) Cherokee word for Black One

Gu-nhage - A Cherokee word for "Black One"

It all started with the “Heart Pin” for the Haywood Animal Welfare Association (HAWA).A photograph of my beloved canine Gu-nhage  displays an out-of- focus patch of gladiolus that looks like a heart.   Gu-nhage was such a beautiful friend to many, that upon her death I was inspired to create the heart pin.

heart pins for HAWA

These pins support Animal welfare

This pin became the signature piece to support HAWA and  is also the foundation of   the Studio Earth Signature Series catalog. Thirty percent of the profits from retail sales goes directly to HAWA. I’ve been making this  pin since 1998 and it’s still popular today.

The next piece to be included in the series was the “Helping Hands” necklace. This piece is a collaborative effort between  Dr. John Highsmith and myself.  Dr. John is a dentist in Haywood County well

Hands Necklace to support Reach
Reach helps victims of domestic violence

known for both his dental artistry and philanthropy. He sculpted these hands while in dental school and I produce them as the “Helping Hands” necklace to support REACH of Haywood County. REACH is an organization that supports victims of domestic violence. It is interesting to note that the first and second pieces in the  Studio Earth Signature Series highlights both hearts and hands, which I regard as my most treasured tools for creativity.

I do not have any children of my own, however, Studio 33 was like my first born. It was and still is the continual unfolding of my life’s work.

birthing amulet

the relationship between mother, child and God

About a year ago I began focusing on this project to create a signature series of 33 pieces.  This was the inception of Studio Earth.   As a metaphor I introduced the “Birthing Amulet” designed to support the critical needs of prenatal and neonatal care.  Studio 33 is seeking a local organization to pair with the birthing amulet. It is a cast piece that is made from sterling silver with labradorite gemstones to represent the connection of spirit, mother and child.

It is my vision to one day create a production center that supports many non-profit organizations with all the craft mediums represented.  The mission of Studio Earth is to bridge the world of art and social needs: to impact community with creative support, and to serve as a model business for social enterprise. Now in its infancy, Studio Earth is being presented to the world. Your continued support will nurture this vision.


2 Comments on “About Studio Earth”

  1. Jason NIedle Says:

    Fantastic work, Diannah!! I love it!

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