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The Studio Earth Initiative in Review

November 15, 2010

In this post I’ll write about how Studio Earth was first conceptualized, contemplated, then planned and put into action. A lot of time has spanned from the inception, so this writing will be as much for me as it is for all of those interested in the Studio Earth Initiative. I  openly invite anyone to comment or ask questions if they come up. The doors of communication are open and Studio Thirty Three is the threshold of this endeavor.

I remember when I first had the idea to establish Studio Thirty Three which was destined to become a retail business with a creative twist to selling. It was in the winter (Feb of 2006) that I launched a business supporting my vision of a better world that began in my own community. It began at 33 Pigeon St. in downtown Waynesville,  enough off the beaten path for a working jewelry design studio and gallery which served as the incubator for a business plan that was awarded the Small Business Start-up grant of $10,000. Selling retail was not the primary focus as I have carved a niche in designing and creating unique handcrafted, custom jewelry for any occasion; especially engagement rings and wedding sets. This and the scheduled shows  constitute the majority of business. Studio Thirty Three is also in the process of expanding into a wholesale market which prompted our move to a new location.

What happened in the 4 years at 33 Pigeon St. was a blessing, but also a compromise. I stayed very busy, often working very late just to make sure the work was done, especially around Christmas. One year, it was in 2008 I worked 460 hours for the month. That’s crazy. I promised I would never do that again. It was a great season no doubt, especially in the midst of an economic challenge, but at what price was I willing to continue to work with my main objective just simmering on the back burner. The following year I began to devise a strategy that would allow me to  create the Studio Earth Signature Series – a line of affordable jewelry that will assist many non profit organizations with  a sustainable source of revenue. I already had some of the pieces in production and everywhere I turned, I seemed to be doing something for a charitable organization. This new production line has so much potential!

The passion to enlist this  was fueled with the support of the organizations as well as the colleagues and confidants with whom the vision was shared. In December of 2009 I would spend the last Christmas working into the wee hours. I began to actively develop the Studio Earth body of work. It is now a year later and I am ready to hire the assistant I need to get this work done.

In February of 2010, the Pepsi Refresh project came about, In April, a grant proposal was submitted and accepted, and in May I began the quest for Pepsi funding. That is also how this blog began. Keeping people informed is important and blogs are a great way to acomplish that.

Our first month in Pepsi, we moved into the top 100 where the projects who make it that far automatically are rolled over into the next months competition. After 6 months of toggling on the border of winning and not winning, it was time to move on and leave Pepsi behind. Not all was lost however. Partnerships were forged, friendships gained and alliances created out of the Pepsi fizz and for these very things I am extremely grateful. I also experienced the connectivity of my local community and how much support poured into the Studio Earth Initiative. Just on that note alone, it is cause to continue.

November begins a busy season for Studio 33. Christmas is coming, custom orders are being taken and much work has gone into getting the new location set up to provide ample working space for two assistants. The new location also has a comfortable sitting area and gallery space which offers a unique experience to those coming to visit. Appointments here are very necessary. Currently we have a studio tour going on through next weekend, November 19 through the 21, from 11:00 AM to 7 PM.  All are invited to attend, but please RSVP email or phone.  or 828-452-4264.

Meanwhile, there is still much work to do. Studio Thirty Three has been nominated for another grant; is actively involved in the Good Dreams Group; (our Facebook presence); a website; and a soon to be published blog. We are inviting all of you who dream and dare to act on your dreams, to join us. This is a great group of dedicated people that has been one of the more obvious reasons Studio Thirty Three stayed so long in the Pepsi Challenge. This month you can still support the November active Good Dreams Projects in Pepsi, as your votes for them are most welcomed.

I have shared our mission statement with you and again extend an open invitation to all to join in and be inspired. It is because of this group that Studio Thirty Three has another chance for a different grant that could ultimately be worth $50K! Here are the details:

Studio Thirty Three nominated for a $25,000 small business grant from Intuit!

Go to this link: to vote and leave a comment to increase the chances of Studio 33 winning.

If the previous link fails:

You may also do the following:

  1. Text # 244-326 with Studio33 (no spaces) in message box.
  2. Send.
  3. Reply to response #1 with your name.
  4. Send.
  5. Reply to response #2 with the reason you like Studio33.
  6. Send.

You will get a reply thanking you for the vote.

Please share this – it only takes a minute. Each vote is like a lottery ticket and the more votes earned the greater the chances. The comments are also an integral part of the voting, so please tell Intuit what you love about Studio Thrity Three. This Intuit grant is geared for businesses looking to expand.

Thank you so much for your support!

Diannah Beauregard

Studio Thirty Three
Waynesville, NC





URGENT: Studio Thirty Three Needs You NOW!

October 17, 2010

To the Many individuals who are voting strong every day, THANK YOU! And to the many others who are not, please consider this post carefully.

It is time to make this happen – to join together as a community. We have been wading in and out of winning for too many months. Studio 33  cannot do this alone; we need everyone to do their one small part. Get on line and vote!!! Text message your vote, ask your friends and family to vote. Just do it today and every day remaining in October.

It is October 17. There is less than 2 weeks left to this month which means that we have limited time to regain our position in the lead for the $50K grant that we have been rallying for since May. Yes, since May, it is hard to believe that we have spent nearly 6 months – always being so close and in the lead. It is hard to imagine why we can’t seem to maintain enough voting strength at the end. Perhaps I have not made  it clear what we need to do as a community. This post is exactly that.

We seem to loose ground on weekends. Here are some ideas to guide you.

  • Text message votes are easy, quick and are being done on a large scale, at ball games, in stadiums at all types of events that have many people that will listen to an announcement or pay attention to the flyers being handed out with voting information. Most of the radical shifts in rankings are due to massive “text message voting” at events.
  • TEXT 100505 to Pespsi @ 73774. If you have unlimited text messaging, then please vote for our dedicated team that has helped us reach the top. Do you all realize how many tens of thousands of votes are needed daily to win? Most of these votes come from our Good Dreams Team. All text numbers will follow this post.
  • If there is an event planned, of any kind, a fund  raiser or concert of festival of any kind, volunteers of any of the organizations that will benefit from this grant can be helping to network. I have sent a flyer to everyone that  can be printed and shared on a large scale.
  • Email reminders to vote on line should go out daily at this point.
  • If you are one of the nonprofit organizations that will ultimately benefit from the Studio Earth Initiative once it gets going (with the help of this grant), I would ask you to consider any of these things, and to think outside the realm of the usual to figure out how you can help to promote and increase your votes from your individual networks.

I have been blessed to have a few dedicated volunteers who have worked relentlessly with me to not only maintain, but increase our support. We have been at this for 6 months and would hate to loose again because we could not ante up the vote count. But honestly and ultimately, it is up to the many of you who stand to benefit from this grant. Students who would potentially earn a scholarship should all be voting and spreading the word while also having your friends and families voting. The vision for this project and it’s potential is so huge, I think it would be an absolute waste if everyone wasn’t voting to help us win.

Wake up Haywood County and get on line and vote, text message your vote and tell your friends to vote! $50K here in our county would make a big difference in the lives of many. I hope this becomes your understanding and motivates everyone to help make this happen. Collectively we can do this!

Text Vote #’s: Send each project # as the text message to 73774 (one project# per text)

  1. Studio 33  ::  100505
  2. Skip Program  :: 100847
  3. Casting for Recovery  ::  101715
  4. Tilden Playground  ::  100507
  5. Buss Fitness  ::  100585
  6. Avalon  ::  102340
  7. Redlands Bowl  ::  102320
  8. Tualatin Elementary  ::  100321
  9. St. Joseph School  ::  100242
  10. TwHistory  ::  102066

Thank you!

Diannah Beauregard

Studio Thirty Three and the Studio Earth Initiative

*If you are not familiar with the full potential of what this is about, please explore some earlier posts about the Studio Earth Initiative.

October Muses: Success for the Big 10 Alliance

October 2, 2010

Ten for Ten in 2010

These last few days I have been musing over the experience of the last 5 months.  Always in the foremost of my mind is a strategy to create win win situations. Getting all the pieces to fit requires evaluating what works and what doesn’t. The one thing interesting to me is that generally I’m able to come up with a plan and move forward in the direction of realizing the goal. In the past when I took this approach there were not so many people involved in the outcome.

The intention of the Studio Earth Initiative now is to engage the community in the process of this creative social enterprise. Everyone’s efforts in helping to achieve the goal are necessary. I’m not alone anymore. I am teamed with a number of local nonprofits to assist them with a source of funding that is sustainable and consistent. I am also teamed with a group of dedicated partners in the Big 10 Alliance that gives us the collective strength we need to win these grants – allowing us to carry out our plans of having a positive impact on our communities. True grassroots efforts are the hands spinning this wheel of fortune; fortunes of opportunities in a challenged world where you the voters are being given a chance to support the altruistic visions of some really great causes. All you have to do is vote!

That is my musing. Somehow, the Pepsi prize, the $50K grant that we have been competing for has slipped from our grasp yet one more time, and I hope for the last time. While there are so many elements to this contest for funding that seem unfair, the one redeemer that keeps Studio 33 participating is the collective effort of others all doing great things to enrich communities all across America. It makes sense to me that I have found a place amongst this group The Big 10 Alliance – and this month it will be 10 for 10, or even better yet, all of our group including our soft partners. It will be a win for us all because everyone took a little bit of time each day to vote.

Everyone is being asked to make a contribution of time to support our Alliance. Voting for all ten partners is like casting 10 votes for Studio 33. We could not be in a winning position without them. Our request is simply a few moments out of your day, every day, to vote. Now while that seems like a lot to ask in a very busy world, consider for a moment the widespread impact this will have on many communities across America.

  • Studio 33 will make a $50K grant replenish itself, year after year.  Text vote 100505 to Pepsi @ 73774
  • Skip Program, our long time partner in Pepsi will enable every child in their community access to their dream of playing sports.  Text vote 100847 to 73774
  • Casting for Recovery  will provide hope and healing retreats for women breast cancer survivors.  Text vote 101715 to 73774
  • Associates of Redlands Bowl will bring free quality performing arts to the community.  Text vote 102320 to 73774
  • Buss Fitness will open a free community health and wellness facility.  Text vote 100585 to 73774
  • TwHistory for Social media, will create virtual reenactments via Twitter.  Text vote  102066 to 73774
  • Lynn Munter for Avalon will develop programming and curriculum for a free multi-arts school.  Text vote 102340 to 73774
  • Tilden will construct a safe, modern city playground in rural Tilden, Nebraska.  Text vote 100507 to 73774
  • Tualatin Elementary will run an after school arts program at Tualatin Elementary in Oregon.  Text vote 100321 to 73774
  • St Joseph School will provide teachers with computers which will benefit their students.  Text vote 100242 to 73774

And our soft allies supporting our causes:

  • Strong women organizing outrageous projects (SWOOP) will build wheelchair ramps for people in need. This is an organization that has done so many other incredible things over the last 14 years!  Text vote 102191 to 73774
  • Healthy Habits Nutrition empowering healthier choices: text 100214 to 73774
  • Mokena School District bringing back extracurricular programs in Mokena, Il. Text 100518 to 73774
  • The Gateway Playhouse creating access for patrons with disabilities.  Text 102255 to 73774
  • Read To Me providing books to low-income newborn babies in hospitals.  Text 102348 to 73774
  • RAINN expanding live online help for victims of sexual violence. Text 102552 to 73774
  • Unity Project: Launch 1,000 youth service projects in America
  • 87 Plays: Help save the youth sports programs in Las Vegas
  • POP!: Open POP! Performing Arts Outreach Camp for underserved kids
  • World Virtual School:  Create World Virtual School to provide free courses to global students

Friends, this is by far the easiest no-cost way to help shape communities across America. Only a number of mouse clicks away, your  10 votes cast daily all 3 ways possible will help us make the difference you want to see in the world. But we need your commitment to voting daily and sharing this with others to encourage support to make it happen. Please remember to vote on weekends too!  If you need a reminder please send us an email and we will put you on our list of people to remind.  Send email to

Try our new link for 3x voting

This link will take you to a page where you sign in and have the ability to toggle into facebook to vote after voting the list of projects in Pepsi – while also giving you all text numbers if you have unlimited text messaging and would like to text your votes as well. We have tried to make voting fun and simple for everyone that has been supporting us.

Thank you all – I speak for the Big 10 when I say this. So that would be THANK YOU! by the power of TEN!

Diannah Beauregard

The Big September 10 and the Last 10 Days

September 20, 2010

If there was ever a time in Pepsi Refresh to be proactive, it is now. Studio 33 and all partners in the Big September 10 Alliance are counting on everyone to step up to the plate and participate in the winning process. We cannot do this without you. This creative social enterprise, Studio Earth, is all about community as we proceed to bridge the worlds of art and social needs.

I am speaking to my community, to all of the friends and supporters of Studio 33 and the Studio Earth Initiative. I am speaking especially to all of the nonprofit organizations that Studio 33 has partnered with in this plan to raise tens of thousands of dollars annually for our community. We will all win by receiving this grant. Each of the organizations that are a part of phase one of this journey will benefit – not just this once, but continually. And it doesn’t stop there.

Everyone is being asked to make a contribution of time to support this project. The request is simply a few moments out of your day, every day, to vote. Now while that seems like a lot to ask in a very busy world, consider for a moment the widespread impact this will have on a community. We will make a $50K grant replenish itself, year after year. But we need your unwavering support to make it happen. Our team, the  Big September 10 needs your unwavering support.

The Studio Earth Initiative began with a plan to assist local and regional non-profits in fund-raising, while supporting the vital arts community right here in Haywood County. Partnerships have formed out of the efforts of art related fund-raising events. This avenue opened into yet another community with bigger opportunities.

Along the way our project became part of a group of people making a difference for thousands all across the country.

So far this group of dedicated people has helped to raise Pepsi monies for 14 worthy causes, with more to come every month for at least the next year. And one of those causes must be our own which gives everyone an opportunity to participate creatively in widespread social change. It’s time for everyone to vote vote vote. It is time to enlist your networks full force to support our efforts.

Become part of the most influential organization in this new cybergrant industry by taking a few minutes a day to vote and tell your friends to do the same. This is now and this is very important. You are making a difference. Every day  just by voting.

There are 3 ways to VOTE and all votes count!

  1. Pepsi Refresh for Studio33 & The BIG-S10
  2. Facebook
  3. Txt message your votes:

Send text messages to Pepsi @ 737-74

  • 100505 for Studio 33
  • 100847 for Skip Program
  • 100843 for POP! Arts
  • 100511 for Got Bragging Rights
  • 101377 for Foundation of Fitness
  • 102340 for Lynn Munter for Avalon
  • 100216 for Kids’ Co-Op
  • 102048 for REVHS
  • 102320 for Redlands Bowl
  • 100506 for P.A.W.S. of Michigan

For complete list of projects mission statements please see blog

For a list of nonprofit organizations aligned with the Studio Earth Initiative, visit the website:

To vote using the Facebook app: Once you’re logged in and at the Facebook app, copy and paste the entire search string (in green) into the FB appsearch window to find and vote for all our partners.

coppola munter Diannah got.brag karrie skip.program Redlands.bowl paws.michigan massimiano

Thank you everyone for believing in our efforts to impact our communities in positive ways, by supporting us with your daily votes!

Sharing and Growing the Vision

September 9, 2010

Positioning 10 Great Projects to Make Positive Change In America

We have reached out into our personal communities and you have heard our call to support our causes. All 10 of them. We are the Big September 10, ( and we have joined together in purpose with our strength and intentions to win some of Pepsi’s money. For those who still don’t know, Pepsi is giving away their Superbowl advertising dollars to community minded people with great ideas of impacting communities in positive ways. 32 grants are given each month, totaling 20 million annually. You get to vote on the winners! Everyone gets to vote, from your computer and your cell phone!

We are asking everyone to take the little bit of time each day to exercise your ability to vote every way you can. We appreciate that. If you are not voting – please consider to support us all so that all 10 in our coalition can take these grants and do something really good in our communities. 9 out of 10 are in winning spots, let’s get POP Arts into position and we’ll all be there!

This is what Studio 33 will do with the $50k:

Complete Phase one of the Studio Earth Signature Series that assists 11 local charities with an annual revenue stream. For details of our project, visit our Page,

This is just the beginning of a much bigger vision for the Studio Earth Initiative. I’d like to share that vision with you now, but first, here are the 3 ways you can vote to support the charitable mission that reflects a true, creative social enterprise – potentially supporting the community with a consistent and sustainable revenue stream.

There are 3 ways to VOTE and all votes count!
  1. Txt message 100505 to 737-74 (for Studio 33 and listed below all 10 if you have unlimited texting).
  2. Facebook
  3. Pepsi Refresh for Studio33 & The BIG-S10

STUDIO 33: Text 100505 to 73774

SKIP PROGRAM: Text 100847 to 73774

POP!: Text 100843 to 73774

GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS: Text 100511 to 73774

LAY A FOUNDATION OF FITNESS: Text 101377 to 73774

LYNN MUNTER FOR AVALON: Text 102340 to 73774

KIDS’ CO-OP: Text 100216 to 73774

REVHS: Text 102048 to 73774

REDLANDS BOWL: Text 102320 to 73774

P.A.W.S. OF MICHIGAN: Text 100506 to 73774

For complete list of projects mission statements please see blog

Once  Phase One of  Studio Earth is complete:

We move on to phase two, in 2011 we will start on the next 11 pieces that support regional and national charitable causes that need critical funding assistance. These organizations can be sisters to the organizations already being supported, so that the process of development can and should go rather quickly and smoothly. It’s mostly about the marketing strategies that will be used to implement this. Moving on to the next phase in 2012, phase 3 will then support international organizations. Our vision for Studio Earth is global my friends. We want to see the end of all suffering in the world and this is our attempt to do our part to make the world a better place.

Now while we are developing phase 3, we are also planning on incorporating all craft mediums to expand our market while supporting local artists and craftspersons. That is where the Studio Earth Production Center comes in and what we are really working towards. When I had this vision (many years ago), I was being guided to get started by making a difference in my own back yard, which I think I’ve done at least in some small way with Studio 33. My community knows I am sincere in my efforts to support community. The Haywood County Chamber of Commerce gave me an award in 2006  for $10,000, when Studio 33 began. I’ve put that money to good use and have grown my business to now support this vision. I have many followers. You are all voting for Studio 33 and hopefully our partners too, so that this vision will one day be realized.

It is appropriate now to say, that the Studio Earth Production Center seeks to nurture the partnership that is has with Haywood Community College, (HCC) and their Professional Crafts Curriculums. Here the Studio Earth Production Center then becomes a landing pad for the students graduating from these programs, which by the way, are internationally known and highly regarded for the quality of education that is given. These paid internships will be available to graduating students who seek to stay in Haywood County to further develop their skills. When I graduated from the program in 1987, I waited on tables for a long enough time to purchase necessary tools and equipment. I did what I had to, but honestly, would have jumped at an opportunity like the one that exists in our vision. Now, as HCC begins construction on the new Fine Art and Craft Education Center, it is a confirmation that the vision of Studio Earth may be realized, and the visionary in me is both excited and inspired. What is more exciting is that we have found national partners to join in with – to seek grants to help us realize our goals. All we are asking for from those of you reading this, is for you to vote, every and any way that you can, as often as you can. By dedicating your votes to help us change our world, you are being a part of the change we all want to see, a very important part, because without your votes, this might not be possible. So Thank you , I mean really, THANK YOU!  Everyone!!! For believing in us all and taking the time to vote. Together we can do this.

Thanks for reading! I know this was long, but it was time to tell you all where Studio 33 has gone. We have walked into the future by manifesting a path we all can walk together on.

Bless you all and THANK YOU for voting!

Diannah Beauregard and The Big Sept. 10.

The Big Sept 10

September 5, 2010

Making Every Vote Count in September

Dear Friends,

We are up against some fierce competition and need your help! We have moved from #4 to #6 over the weekend!  We are posting this blog to encourage everyone to vote every way you can and to find 10 more people to do the same. Every vote counts!

Spread the word to your networks. Everyone should be voting. We have all gone out into the community and  carved a path to this grant money. Now it is up to all of you voting to help sustain our positions in the lead so we can get funded and move forward with our plans to impact the world we live in – each in our own unique and creative way. We are the Big Sept 10. And we are going to get the job done because you believe in us.

  1. Vote in Pepsi at
  2. Also in Facebook VOTES10-FB You need to be signed into your FB profile to access this.
  3. Text messaging to Pepsi at 737-74 Vote daily from your cell phone with  with project #’s listed below.

Thank You!

Please note: If you get a “connection issue detected” message from accessing the Pepsi link for big-S10, using the refresh button or reloading the page usually resolves this.

Here are our mission statements:

STUDIO 33: Text 100505 to 73774

Studio 33 has developed a plan for a creative social enterprise that supports many worthy charities. The Studio Earth Initiative begins with a signature series line of jewelry that is uniquely paired with a nonprofit organization, produced, marketed and sold to offer a generous 30% of retail profit to the charity it supports. The project continues to evolve in phase two and three, unfolding a vision of a production art center that produces yet, another triple bottom line as the creative social enterprise embraces all craft mediums supporting community, artists and charitable causes worldwide.

SKIP PROGRAM: Text 100847 to 73774

The idea of The Skip Program grew out of a family tragedy, and Lisa Johnson knew she had to do something to keep her Uncle’s spirit alive and celebrate his life. Skip was an avid sports fan, and Lisa knew that the inheritance left to her by her Grandmother would be well spent on creating a program that gives underprivileged children the opportunity to play sports and participate in community activities. Lisa is following in her Grandmother’s footsteps, making a positive difference in her community, by helping make the dreams of underprivileged children come true.

GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS: Text 100511 to 73774

GBR is determined to HEAL THE NATION through positive action. Hit by a string of personal tragedies and recognizing the increasing negativity in our lives today, Keala Tyler (GBR founder) became determined to bring back the balance in our lives. To celebrate the great things that people are doing and to promote more positive influence in the world, GBR is creating a rewards & recognition program for student role models who have been inspirational in their efforts to improve themselves, their community or the lives of others.

POP!: Text 100843 to 73774

POP! (Performing Arts Outreach Program) focuses on helping and empowering at-risk children in desperate need.  Using a curriculum that enforces core life lessons through the arts, POP! teachers reinforce respect, self-efficacy, and responsibility.  Dr. Nancy Coppola has been working with at-risk-youth for 5 years, and through the POP! program teaches our younger generation that they have the power to take the future into their own hands.  POP!’s goal is to change the world view of our children into one of HOPE.

LAY A FOUNDATION OF FITNESS: Text 101377 to 73774

Lay a Foundation of Fitness is aiming to stamp out childhood obesity in our community.  So many kids lack physical activity and we want to provide the best opportunities in our community for kids to come and have fun exercising.  More and more fast food joints are going up and our foods are being packed with harmful ingredients to make them convenient so we need to do our part to help kids start healthy and stay that way.  The Pepsi Grant would help fund the ideas we have to give kids a fighting chance at being healthy for a lifetime.

Lynn Munter for Avalon: Text 102340 to 73774

Avalon Educational Institute is a multi-arts school bent on increasing the general credibility and accessibility of the arts to the overall community. As the world’s first Accountabiltiy-Based school, Avalon’s students, teachers, and administrative staff are all responsible for the maintenance and running of it’s completely volunteer-based programming. Lynn Munter, Avalon’s most active student volunteer, put forward this month’s Refresh project for Avalon in her continuing efforts to help the school and enhance her working knowledge of program administration and development.

KIDS’ CO-OP: Text 100216 to 73774

Kids’ Co-op is committed to enriching the lives of Las Vegas children and strengthening their families through its developmentally appropriate Preschool and Kindergarten programs, through parent education, and through community service. Kids’ Co-op is a joint effort of parents who govern the school, and the director and teachers, who oversee the educational programs. Parents at Kids’ Co-op learn to efficiently nurture social, physical, emotional, and intellectual development of their children.

P.A.W.S. OF MICHIGAN: Text 100506 to 73774
P.A.W.S. of Michigan is dedicated to lowering the needless euthanasia of companion animals and to do this has begun efforts to open a low cost, high quality, high volume spay neuter clinic. Daily shelter work with a seemingly endless inflow of animals and a local euthanasia rate as high as 90% made us realize that we needed to take a proactive approach to the problem. These clinics are proven to be successful with over 70 clinics open across the country who have seen decreases in local euthanasia rates as high as 70%. Once open this clinic will save thousands of animal lives every year!

REVHS: Text 102048 to 73774

The REV Wildcat Sculpture Garden & Public Art project will invite students, teachers, and the community to experience artwork up-close on a daily basis around the campus. Neglected outdoor spaces on campus will be cleaned up and assessed for Public Art placement. An annual outdoor Community Festival of Arts will also be established complete with a Chalk Art Competition among area schools. The purchase of easels, awnings, and other reusable art equipment would guarantee art education for all for many more years.

REDLANDS BOWL: Text 102320 to 73774

Redlands Bowl is host to the Summer Music Festival held each summer during the months of July and August. This is a fine arts extravaganza with twice weekly performances of dance, drama, opera, ballet, orchestra and other musical productions. The festival has been continuous for 87 years without an admission charge. The festival is made possible by strong community involvement, patrons, local business sponsors, endowments and grants. The festival brings high quality performances to all in the region without regard to economic, social, ethnic or religious position.

Voting Strong From our New Location

September 2, 2010

And for those of you wondering where Studio 33 is going…..

It is now September 2. We have entered the Pepsi Arena for the fifth month running. It’s hard to believe, but sometimes it takes a lot of effort and time to produce a desired result. I have always said that nothing really good every happens in a hurry. Sometimes it takes being in the right place, as in Feng Shui, the correct placement of things.

I’ve talked about about the significance of the recent move in my last page posted. Being an artist, it is important to feel comfortable and safe in your surroundings, and it is equally important to be in an environment that supports an inspired and creative approach to your craft. Well that is where I now am. Not that the retail – downtown location and darling little stone house wasn’t good. It was great. My business really blossomed there in spite of a crippled economy. I just outgrew the little space and needed to get on with the reason I went to town in the first place. To realize the Studio Earth Initiative .

So here we are headed for the winning of a $50k grant from Pepsi, a grant that will help fund the vision that will eventually develop into a production arts center. This is a win win win plan that fuels our economy, supports nonprofits, employs graduating students from our nationally acclaimed Professional Crafts Curriculums at Haywood Community College, (HCC) all while beautifying the world at large. People  come from all over to buy fine art and craft in western NC.  It’s a 206.5 million dollar industry here. Studio 33 has developed a creative social enterprise that is cutting edge.

That’s the vision in a nutshell. It has been a vision for many years, and the potential for it to unfold is so real to me now. Phase one is a little behind schedule, but we never anticipated five months in Pepsi. And while HCC will build a new Fine Art Center (I am so trusting), I can look into the future of that to clearly see the artists coming out of the programs wanting to stay here because of how important fine art and craft is in our community. With a Studio Earth Production Center, there will be paid internships to produce quality art, not just made in America, but made in Haywood County, North Carolina, USA.

So back to the reason for this post…..

Your votes, your daily, dedicated votes are the ingredient we need this month to sustain our position in the lead. We are excited and honored to be partnered with a group of carefully chosen projects to support a winning team. In Pepsi, you can’t win a grant without a team and Studio 33 is very honored to be part of the best team there is.

So here is your task my friends. You need to vote. We’ve done the hard part. You have ten votes per day, and you need to cast all ten. Here’s how:

  • Vote daily using the multi-project link for our group Sept 10.
  • Vote daily in Facebook, with your profile, go to my page – send a friend request. Find me here in FB.
  • Vote daily text messaging if you have an unlimited text message plan on your cell phone. Here are the numbers you need
  1. Studio 33 – 100505
  2. Skip Program – 100847
  3. Paws of Michigan – 100506
  4. Foundation of Fitness – 101377
  5. POP Arts – 100843
  6. Multi-Arts School – 102340
  7. Got Bragging Rights – 100511
  8. Redlands Bowl – 102320
  9. Redlands E. Valley High – 102048
  10. Kids Co-op – 100216

Thank you all again, from the depths of our hearts, for sharing in our visions by supporting us with your votes. Your votes can help to change the world we live in.

Sincerely and in Service,

Diannah Beauregard, founder

Studio 33 and the Studio Earth Initiative