Creative Partnering and Collaborations

In the mountains of Western North Carolina, finding a way to creatively do anything is easy. Finding and maintaining the time to create is yet another. But there comes a time when one stops to consider how to realize a dream – especially one that has grown from the kool-aid-stand-as-a-kid raising money, to the present – a visionary artist with an altruistic approach to most everything. That’s what brings me to Creative Partnering and Collaborations.

There is an abundance of creative energy which is probably what drew me to Haywood County twenty seven years ago. I have worked as a jeweler and witnessed how art and craft has become a major economic industry. That’s why I am convinced that the plan for this creative social enterprise will work. The demand for fine art and craft still exists in this changing economy, and the need for critical funding of vital nonprofit organizations continues to escalate. Through these things comes the forging of collaborative efforts and I’m excited about the artists that I will be creating with, as well as the organizations that we will partner with.

The developing  body of work that catalogs 33 pieces when completed, will provide a sustainable revenue stream for 33 charities. Each piece in the catalog will pair with a nonprofit and  once in production the designs will be made available nationwide under a unique expansion program. But first things first. This is a trifold development. Three phases, 11 designs each. If you’ve been to my website or watched the slide show, you can see that more than half of phase one is complete. I’ve named the soon to be’s and outlined a timeline for their arrival. To do this most effectively, I would need help, and funding for the tools as written in the Pepsi proposal. Without assistance, it may take a very long time for my two hands to do this work.

"The Bridge"

Funding scholarships for HCC Professional Crafts Students

This month Studio Thirty Three is featuring “The Bridge” piece, available from Studio Thirty Three or Textures in Waynesville. This piece will fuel a scholarship program for Professional Crafts Students at Haywood Community College (HCC). Five scholarships of $1000 each per year to deserving students in each medium, clay, fiber, jewerly, wood and blacksmithing. I studied jewelry at HCC and over the years I have maintained close relationships with faculty and staff and have also worked with some students. HCC is a remarkable learning institute that I would recommend to anyone wanting to get an education in any field of study.

Last year at this time, Studio Thirty Three organized a group of artists for the “Gateway to the Arts, Fine Art and Craft Show”,  held at the Gateway Club in Wayneville NC.  I worked with club owner Art O’Neil on this vision of creating scholarships through art shows and after reaching our goal of funding the scholarships, I wanted to continue to find a more effective way to generate funding. Studio Earth is born.


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