Sharing the Vision with Extended Community

Positioning 10 Great Projects to Make Positive Change In America

We have reached out into our personal communities and you have heard our call to support our causes. All 10 of them. We are the Big September 10, ( and we have joined together in purpose with our strength and intentions to win some of Pepsi’s money. For those who still don’t know, Pepsi is giving away their Superbowl advertising dollars to community minded people with great ideas of impacting our communities in positive ways. 32 grants are given each month, totaling 20 million annually. You get to vote on the winners! Everyone gets to vote, from your computer and your cell phone!

We are asking everyone to take the little bit of time each day to exercise your ability to vote every way you can. We appreciate that. If you are not voting – please consider to support us all so that all 10 in our coalition can take these grants and do something really good in our communities. 9 out of 10 are in winning spots, let’s get POP Arts into position and we’ll all be there!

This is what Studio 33 will do with the $50k:

Complete Phase one of the Studio Earth Signature Series that assists 11 local charities with an annual revenue stream. For details of our project, visit our Page,

This is just the beginning of a much bigger vision for the Studio Earth Initiative. I’d like to share that vision with you now, but first, here are the 3 ways you can vote to support the charitable mission that reflects a true, creative social enterprise – potentially supporting the community with a consistent and sustainable revenue stream.

There are 3 ways to VOTE and all votes count!
  1. Txt message 100505 to 737-74 (for Studio 33 and listed below all 10 if you have unlimited texting).
  2. Facebook
  3. Pepsi Refresh for Studio33 & The BIG-S10

STUDIO 33: Text 100505 to 73774

SKIP PROGRAM: Text 100847 to 73774

POP!: Text 100843 to 73774

GOT BRAGGING RIGHTS: Text 100511 to 73774

LAY A FOUNDATION OF FITNESS: Text 101377 to 73774

Lynn Munter for Avalon: Text 102340 to 73774

KIDS’ CO-OP: Text 100216 to 73774

REVHS: Text 102048 to 73774

REDLANDS BOWL: Text 102320 to 73774

P.A.W.S. OF MICHIGAN: Text 100506 to 73774

For complete list of projects mission statements please see blog

Once  Phase One of  Studio Earth is complete:

We move on to phase two, in 2011 we will start on the next 11 pieces that support regional and national charitable causes that need critical funding assistance. These organizations can be sisters to the organizations already being supported, so that the process of development can and should go rather quickly and smoothly. It’s mostly about the marketing strategies that will be used to implement this. Moving on to the next phase in 2012, phase 3 will then support international organizations. Our vision for Studio Earth is global my friends. We want to see the end of all suffering in the world and this is our attempt to do our part to make the world a better place.

Now while we are developing phase 3, we are also planning on incorporating all craft mediums to expand our market while supporting local artists and craftspersons. That is where the Studio Earth Production Center comes in and what we are really working towards. When I had this vision (many years ago), I was being guided to get started by making a difference in my own back yard, which I think I’ve done at least in some small way with Studio 33. My community knows I am sincere in my efforts to support community. The Haywood County Chamber of Commerce gave me an award in 2006  for $10,000, when Studio 33 began. I’ve put that money to good use and have grown my business to now support this vision. I have many followers. You are all voting for Studio 33 and hopefully our partners too, so that this vision will one day be realized.

It is appropriate now to say, that the Studio Earth Production Center seeks to nurture the partnership that is has with Haywood Community College, (HCC) and their Professional Crafts Curriculums as the Studio Earth Production Center then becomes a landing pad for the students graduating from these programs, which by the way, are internationally known and highly regarded for the quality of education that is given. These paid internships will be available to graduating students who seek to stay in Haywood County to further develop their skills. When I graduated from the program in 1987, I waited on tables for a long enough time to purchase necessary tools and equipment. I did what I had to, but honestly, would have jumped at an opportunity like the one that exists in our vision. Now, as HCC begins construction on the new Fine Art and Craft Education Center, it is a confirmation that the vision of Studio Earth may be realized, and the visionary in me is both excited and inspired. What is more exciting is that we have found national partners to join in with – to seek grants to help us realize our goals. All we are asking for from those of you reading this, is for you to vote, every and any way that you can, as often as you can. By dedicating your votes to help us change our world, you are being a part of the change we all want to see, a very important part, because without your votes, this might not be possible. So Thank you , I mean really, THANK YOU!  Everyone!!! For believing in us all and taking the time to vote. Together we can do this.

Thanks for reading! I know this was long, but it was time to tell you all where Studio 33 has gone. We have walked into the future by manifesting a path we all can walk together on.

Bless you all and THANK YOU for voting!

Diannah Beauregard and the Big Sept. 10.


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