Studio Earth Signature Series

The idea to create an affordable line of jewelry to support non-profit organizations came about after many years of creating expensive one-of-a-kind pieces for various fund-raising events. Often times, the value of the pieces being donated would be undervalued, and although money would be raised, it never seemed like enough.

My idea of supporting charities and community with art is unrelenting and always evolving. I feel also that the retail value of something – especially a fine piece of art, should not be overlooked and a fundraising event such as an auction – live or silent – should not be viewed as a way to obtain  a work of art heavily discounted. This seemed to defeat the purpose and leave a feeling that lacked the true spirit of community supporting worthy causes. Additionally, these expensive pieces were often out of reach for people who wanted to support but could not afford to.

So the signature series was born as an affordable line of unique pieces that could be sold, both wholesale (to galleries across the U.S.), retail in my own gallery in Waynesville and on line at For many years I have created the expensive items and will continue to do so, but in a much more limited way. Three or four times a year I will create something that will be sold for a reasonable reserve amount, and I will do this for charities with critical need.

The Studio Earth Signature Series

Live auction - fine jewelry to support Studio Earth

Amethyst | Kunzite | Spinel

is a charitable initiative that needs funding,  lots of funding, to realize its goal. That is why Studio Thirty Three is rallying for votes to support the Pepsi grant of $50,000. It is also the reason that Studio Thirty Three has created this piece, the Amethyst, Spinel and Kunzite pendant slide to auction off in support of the critical monies needed to support the vision. This piece is still available as bids by proxy are being taken. Currently the bidding is at $3500, with the minimum reserve set at $6000.00. That is the amount of money that Studio Thirty Three needs to continue to develop and promote the signature series while it works hard to attain higher ranks in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project.

Studio Thirty Three is rallying for support from the community, from all of the organizations it has helped in the past and present with the developing Studio Earth Initiative. Your votes are vital and are needed now, so please vote for this worthwhile plan of bridging the world of art and social needs. Everyone thinks it’s a great ideabut now it’s time to act. WE NEED YOUR VOTES! Today and every day until we get this grant. We are close to the top ten, so please keep voting daily. Vote now – it only takes a minute and the widgets make it so easy.

Studio Earth Signature Series

Vote for Studio Thirty Three

Thank you for following the Pages in our Blog and please keep visiting every day as we post updates for you. Your continued support and interest in what we are doing is greatly appreciated!

In service, Diannah Beauregard, designer | jeweler –


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